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Children’s night light, starry sky rotating projection, 4 LED colors, battery or UBS powered by Bananas Over Baby (Purple) by Bananas Over Baby

Works as advertised! This little thing puts on a pretty cool little light show. It’s pretty relaxing at bedtime. Of course the darker it is, the better it looks. I do have a limitation being that I don’t have anywhere in my house where this thing can sit in the middle of a room. That’s where you get the most effect…otherwise half the projection is being projected onto a wall or whatever. My 15-year-old daughter and my 5 year old grand daughter really likes it. It definitely passes the “kid-test”. My 15 year old Love this projector. It projects stars and planets, flashes, turns, and has a few different colors!! So happy we bought this!! I’ve been wanting one for a while and was finally thrilled to get one. It takes 4 AAA batteries, so I use rechargeable ones, plus it has a plug as well.  I got a nice discount for this

Earfly Wireless V4.0+EDR Bluetooth Hi-Fi Portable Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speakers with 7 LED Gradient Light, Hands-free Function for iPhone 6s Plus,6s,Samsung,Tablets and More.(White) by Earfly

The functions of this BT-118 has been highly integrated: hands-free answering phones, enquiry line, TF card player AUX input, nightlights indication, touch control which makes it more practical fashion. I just love the design this speaker has. I t is so cool and the colors really make it pop. This is a quality speaker, as the music plays the lights flash to the beat. It sounds really clear and is loud. This is a speaker you can take anywhere and use it without a power outlet. Because this Bluetooth speakers uses rechargeable batteries. It has a smooth body, nice and round, and light weight. You can charger this anywhere just plug the USB cable into any port and let it charge. The larger speakers, especially those intended for home theater or PC need a dedicated power supply to run, even though you can connect to your devices wireless. Size is everything. When it comes to traveling and location. Beyond an auxiliary input, you can connect your smartphone or tablet with a wire, or you can Bluetooth by transmitting your music, books to your speaker. This speaker is well worth the price. I would say you can give this as a gift but I am keeping this for myself. I got a great discount for this speaker.

Dog Breath Freshener – Natural Gum and Teeth Oral Care Foam Spray – Reduces Dental Plaque and Tartar, 8oz by Mindful Pets

This really works, with 2 squirts in my dogs mouth once a day, after a couple of days his breath is so much better. You just apply it on the gums and that is it. My dog likes it he wants to eat this every time. but no worries it is completely safe for use. It is made with; Purified water, Glycerin, Peppermint and Spearmint Flavors, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Polysorbate, Aloe Vera Extract, Sodium Bicarbonate, Dye, Stevia. Which this is all made to fight foul breath, plaque, and tarter buildup. It states you do not have to brush your dogs teeth but it won’t hurt to do so. I was luck enough to have gotten this for free.


Stainless Steel Travel mug from Europe with folding handles 300 ml (10.15oz) for Outdoors, Camping Cup, Space Saver Mug, Camping cooking cup. Comes with a box. LIMITED TIME OFFER, so BUY ONE NOW by Tramp

This Stainless Steel Travel cup is unique because it has folding handles, that is why it takes little space in the backpack or in your bag. This item came quickly, was packaged well, and was exactly as described. I thought this was going to be flimsy when I first unpacked it from the box because it was so light weight! That’s actually the beauty of this mug, it’s light yet durable.  This mug has been my trustful companion every weekend morning for my coffee and every night for my sleepy time tea and my cold drinks in other times.
This stainless steel mug has the capability of keeping the content insulated, maintaining my hot drinks hot and my cold drinks cold. If I put a cold icy drink in it, it will not be sweating profusely over the table, coffee table or desk. If I put a hot liquid in it, I will not be burned if I hold a surface other than the handle. I really am enjoying this cup and I got it for a great discount!

Mabox 12 PCS Womens Rubber Necklace Chain Double Line Tattoo Choker Necklace Stretch Elastic Set..By Mabox

I would not say these are for women but for young ladies possible. My plan was to save these for my daughter for Christmas, but it just didn’t work out that way. In the end, I’m super glad it didn’t as they are SO cute and she loves them. She loves accessories and I love when those accessories are inexpensive.
For anyone else that noticed it and was thrown off, I’m not sure why the listing says tattoo in it because they aren’t tattoo’s at all. They are just choker necklaces. These are simple, cute, and fun colors. You get 12 in the set, so you can pretty much find a color for any outfit.
I wasn’t sure how well these would shrink back down to original size after being worn for a while, but they snug on her neck every time she wears them, so they obviously shrink back nicely. My daughter has taken some small charms and attached to a couple of her choker necklaces to add just a little extra something.
These necklaces are not itchy or irritating at all for my daughter, she’s had no problems at all. Again, she totally loves accessories, so this is a great set for her
These come on a flat piece of cardboard, which makes storage easy. I saved the cardboard so she can put them back on when not using. That way they aren’t getting tangled or lost!
Overall, this is a great set at a great price. I won’t hesitate to purchase again when we want/need more.
I received this set at a discount in exchange for my honest review. The opinions above are truly my own (well, my daughters too!) I received a discount for these chokers

Haktoys HAK904C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Bonus 4 Blades included – Colors May vary by Haktoys

The very best thing about this drone is: Does NOT Require FAA Drone Registration. Ready to fly, video recording capability, light and durable materials, indoor/outdoor flight. It is a 2.4GHz wide-range frequency for better control and simultaneous flights and 3 adjustable speed modes including 360° aversion, high-capacity Li-Po battery, Spare parts are available. Here’s another  awesome flying quad-copter by Haktoys.  This mini has a “headless return home” mode, not to be confused with headless mode. “Headless return home” mode will make the quad-copter shoot back to you (the transmitter), however, you must control what altitude it is once it gets back to you. This has saved me when the wind was bad and I was actually flying in a blizzard. The wind started to sweep it away and I threw it into this mode and it brought it back close enough to me that I could regain control. Quick tip, make sure to hit record on the transmitter again when you are done taking video or there is a chance your footage may be lost! There was a few times where I completely forgot and lost my footage :(. It was some cool stuff too. Anyway, a fun flyer and a great price. I got this for a really god discount.

HAK142 MotoHawk 3 Wheeled Motorcycle / ATV – Green Color by Haktoys

My grandson loved this, big wheels help in going over most things. He loved making “mountains” and jumps out of books or other toys and then climbing this R/C car over them. The controls are easy to use. He had no problems learning how to steer and control the motorcycle. The plastic shell is durable for light, in-house use. Unlike other R/C cars, hair and other fibers did not wind around the axles because the large wheels kept them up out of the way. One thing that I did not like was that the antenna was prone to bending down, rather than sticking straight up. Other than that, this is a fun motorcycle. I received this for a good discount. #upupandaway