Mabox 12 PCS Womens Rubber Necklace Chain Double Line Tattoo Choker Necklace Stretch Elastic Set..By Mabox

I would not say these are for women but for young ladies possible. My plan was to save these for my daughter for Christmas, but it just didn’t work out that way. In the end, I’m super glad it didn’t as they are SO cute and she loves them. She loves accessories and I love when those accessories are inexpensive.
For anyone else that noticed it and was thrown off, I’m not sure why the listing says tattoo in it because they aren’t tattoo’s at all. They are just choker necklaces. These are simple, cute, and fun colors. You get 12 in the set, so you can pretty much find a color for any outfit.
I wasn’t sure how well these would shrink back down to original size after being worn for a while, but they snug on her neck every time she wears them, so they obviously shrink back nicely. My daughter has taken some small charms and attached to a couple of her choker necklaces to add just a little extra something.
These necklaces are not itchy or irritating at all for my daughter, she’s had no problems at all. Again, she totally loves accessories, so this is a great set for her
These come on a flat piece of cardboard, which makes storage easy. I saved the cardboard so she can put them back on when not using. That way they aren’t getting tangled or lost!
Overall, this is a great set at a great price. I won’t hesitate to purchase again when we want/need more.
I received this set at a discount in exchange for my honest review. The opinions above are truly my own (well, my daughters too!) I received a discount for these chokers


Author: gramirez32

I am a mother of 5 and I work in health care. I enjoy reviewing items in my spare time and spending time with my 2 teens that are still at home.

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