Stainless Steel Travel mug from Europe with folding handles 300 ml (10.15oz) for Outdoors, Camping Cup, Space Saver Mug, Camping cooking cup. Comes with a box. LIMITED TIME OFFER, so BUY ONE NOW by Tramp

This Stainless Steel Travel cup is unique because it has folding handles, that is why it takes little space in the backpack or in your bag. This item came quickly, was packaged well, and was exactly as described. I thought this was going to be flimsy when I first unpacked it from the box because it was so light weight! That’s actually the beauty of this mug, it’s light yet durable.  This mug has been my trustful companion every weekend morning for my coffee and every night for my sleepy time tea and my cold drinks in other times.
This stainless steel mug has the capability of keeping the content insulated, maintaining my hot drinks hot and my cold drinks cold. If I put a cold icy drink in it, it will not be sweating profusely over the table, coffee table or desk. If I put a hot liquid in it, I will not be burned if I hold a surface other than the handle. I really am enjoying this cup and I got it for a great discount!


Author: gramirez32

I am a mother of 5 and I work in health care. I enjoy reviewing items in my spare time and spending time with my 2 teens that are still at home.

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